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Pile of art!

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Jun. 18th, 2012 | 12:45 pm
posted by: gymnopedie in shiftingdreams

Just came back from doing some circus art on Saturday, and I'll be doing finished paintings from ideas I've gotten - all of those are all on my facebook for sketches.

Picking up art from one show this week, and driving down 2 blocks to drop them off at a home improvement store that's locally owned (small chained, maybe 5 stores in the St Louis area).

Next month I've got a small show down the road at a tea/wine/oil shop in Lebanon, IL for two hours, on either the 20th or the 27th and that'll be during a wine and jazz night. Kind of looking forward to this, usually I'm doing group shows with 20 other artists so I'm just another name on the wall.

And now, art since the last time I posted. Prints/originals have information up on the site :)

Dragon Yawns
Acrylic on Yupo Paper

Seventh Day the Sun Died
Acrylic on canvas

The Fireflies Come Out Tonight
Oil on canvas

Mother Tree
Acrylic on Canvas

Swan Lake
Watercolor on paper

Unicorn Maiden
Watercolor on paper (small)

Watercolor on paper (small)

Watercolor on paper (small)

Watercolor on paper (small)

Dust to Dust
watercolor on paper (small)

The Nightmare
Drawing for an anthology, pencil on paper

I post more here on Tumblr, and WIPs, doodles, etc go up more on facebook.

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