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Shifting Dreams

an art community

Shifting Dreams - Artistic minds all meld together
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Shifting Dreams Community
artistic minds all meld together.


ShiftingDreams was originally an online web forum created back in 2000, this Livejournal Community was created Dec. 29th, 2005.

It is a gathering place for creative creatures that wanted to share their work with others for feedback or just to plain old show it off.

Any kind of created work can be posted here. Tutorials and questions looking for help are also welcome. Dreams, art, writing, rants about your fustrations....

Think of Shiftingdreams as a brickwalled coffee shop with a guy in the corner strumming on a guitar.

To join, please go to this page. (to post, you need to be a member.)


Community Projects
  • Project #1 - Thought Provoker.

  • Project #2 - Security.

  • Project #3 - Invisible Friends

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    Other memories for the community

  • Submission information to contests, books, online publishing, etc

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    Rules ~
    General etiquette...
  • Swearing ~ Swearing is tolerated in this community, as long as it is kept at a reasonable level.

  • Flaming ~ Flame wars will not be tolerated. Intelligent discussions only please.

  • Harrassment ~ Harrassing members is not tolerated. If you have a problem with a member, please contact me.

  • Critiques are welcome, but please keep them constructive! If you don't like a piece, explain why. Don't just say "That's UGLY!!!" That doesn't help the poster progress with their work.

  • If you're caught plagiarizing someone else's piece, my moderators and myself will have no problems banning you as swifty as possible.

  • What you can post...
  • Anything creative is allowed. Any 'level' of creative is welcome as well, even if you are JUST starting out. Discussions, questions, general observations are also quite welcome to start up a conversation with the other members.

  • Feel free to post sketches and works in progress. This includes every type of creative art, not just visual. Let people know if you're looking for crits!

  • Nudity & anything "mature/rated R" must go behind an lj-cut, with a note that there will be adult content. People may be reading their friends list with children nearby or at work, a library or other public place where viewing nudity might be inappropriate. Pornography is never, ever allowed.

  • When posting large pictures (or very wide work that'll cause scrolling), or paragraphs upon paragraphs of writing, please use a cut as well. Start off with a thumbnail or cut a section of the picture out to give a preview if you want. For written posts, place a paragraph outside of the cut before leading them into the rest of the work.

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